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Shanghai Shunzhou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a member of the zigbee alliance, a member of the zigbee China member group, a member of the smart home industry alliance, and a member of the China Lighting Association. The company is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. Since its establishment in 2004, it has been focusing on the wireless communication field with zigbee as the core. At the same time, it has expanded other communication technologies such as WiFi, GPRS, 4G, LoRa, NB-IoT, etc. We have professional technology and Excellent service provides users with standardized and customized products.   Shunzhou Smart can provide IoT solutions for different fields such as smart home, smart lighting and smart industry. Its solutions include modules, gateways, sensors, and system control cloud platforms. The upstream and downstream enterprises of the company's joint industrial chain form a strong ecosystem and provide one-stop services for end customers. “Technology comes from wisdom, products are attentive,” and we look forward to creating value for you!

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Smart City Division

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Smart Life Division

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IoT Solutions Division

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Shenzhen Branch

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Beijing Branch

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Xi'an Branch

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Carrier Division

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