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Corporate News2019.03.29

From April 6th to 9th, the 2019 Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair, jointly organized by Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation and HKTDC, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. From more than 100 countries and regions, nearly 10,000 buyers came to visit and purchase. 

Invited by Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation, Shunzhou Intelligent and Smart City Lighting Products and Solutions were exhibited in the “IoT Lighting Supply Chain Zone” innovation area jointly developed by Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association and HKTDC. Includes smart light poles, LoRa base stations, and LoRa/Zigbee/Zhaga street light controllers.


As one of the core technologies of LPWAN communication, LoRa is an ultra-long-range wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology. The solution changes the previous trade-offs between transmission distance and power consumption, providing users with a simple system that can realize long-distance, long battery life and large capacity, and thus expand the sensor network. LoRa operates primarily in free global bands, including 433 and 868 MHz. 

At present, in many regions at home and abroad, LoRa is increasingly used in the field of urban smart lighting. At the exhibition, Shunzhou Intelligent's street lamp controller, LoRa base station and cloud platform based on LoRa were favored by many foreign customers, and the consultants were in constant stream.


The Shunzhou Intelligent LoRa Street Light Controller complies with the LoRaWAN Specification 1.0.1 Class C standard released by the LoRa Alliance, which provides easy and fast access to the LoRaWAN network. The internal contains current and voltage metering circuit, which can collect the load working condition of the street lamp controller in real time, greatly reduce the work pressure of the street lamp management department, improve work efficiency, and significantly improve the social energy saving efficiency. 

The LoRa base station is an IoT application-level gateway router developed by Shunzhou Intelligent based on the low-power, wide-area LoRaWAN protocol. It can provide low-power, mobile and secure local two-way wireless communication services for IoT devices. It supports LoRa, 2G. /3G/4G, WiFi and GPS wireless communication functions, customers can easily deploy their own IoT control system to achieve customized intelligent services. 

As another highlight of this show, Zhaga Street Light Controller has attracted the attention of many foreign customers.



The SZ10-ZHAGA street light controller is a new type of controller developed by Shunzhou Intelligent to meet the needs of foreign markets and digital dimmable power supplies. The product supports local timing, latitude and longitude strategy; supports DALI2.0 protocol; supports GPS/Beidou positioning, reverse fault query of lamps, and quickly locates the location in real time. 

Its core chip adopts the self-developed Zigbee wireless communication module, and the interface conforms to the ZHAGA Book18 standard. The product has the advantages of powerful function, easy implementation, no wiring, reliable work and easy maintenance. 

In addition, the SZ10-ZHAGA street light controller contains the DALI drive circuit, which can collect the load operation and power consumption of the digital drive power in real time, greatly reducing the working pressure of the street lamp management department and improving work efficiency. 

As a important carrier of future smart city management, the smart light pole is also popular among foreign customers for its cool appearance and powerful functions.


Shunzhou intelligent wisdom light pole is based on the main body of the light pole. It is equipped with LoRa/Zigbee street light controller, LoRa (WiFi) base station, illuminance sensor, environmental meteorological sensor, camera, advertising display, charging pile and other equipment to realize urban road traffic and people. Intelligent management of traffic, environment, lighting, etc. 

At the same time as the exhibition was in full swing, the lectures presented by the Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council were equally exciting. On behalf of Shunzhou Intelligent, Mr. Jin Yan used the theme of “Intelligent Lighting and Wireless Internet of Things” to share the current status and prospects of urban smart lighting through the smart city lighting application and case.


In the speech, she summed up the four major trends in the future development of urban smart lighting: universal, intelligent, economic, and comprehensive. 

(1) Popularization: Through the improvement of comprehensive performance, many disadvantages of traditional lighting are changed, and the transformation is continuously promoted; 

(2) Wisdom: It is no longer a simple input program that operates according to fixed instructions, but will have the ability to learn and a large amount of information habitual processing, resulting in a better lighting experience; 

(3) Economy: With the continuous updating and iteration of intelligent technology, intelligent lighting will become a highly competitive aspect of lighting measures, showing economic universality under the requirements of market regulation; 

(4) Comprehensive: With urban lighting as the core, intelligent lighting will integrate conventional applications and functions into one, which will bring great convenience while reducing the complicated construction of the city. 

As a subsystem of a smart city, the development of urban smart lighting is changing with each passing day. Shunzhou intelligently adapts to the trend, will keep up with market demand, accelerate technology and product research and development, and work with industry partners to promote the development of the industry.

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