2019 Road Lighting Forum | relying on smart lighting, Shunzhou intelligent deep farming urban scene

Corporate News2019.03.28

On March 19th, the 2019 China Road Lighting Forum, co-sponsored by China Lighting Association, China Lighting Association Outdoor Lighting Professional Committee and China Municipal Engineering Association Urban Lighting Professional Committee, was held in Hangzhou.


With the theme of “Smart City and Road Lighting”, the forum adheres to the tenet of “Building a comprehensive communication and cooperation platform for urban lighting management experts, technical experts, construction parties, road lighting designers and road lighting production enterprises”. 

At the invitation of the organizer, Shunzhou Intelligent and Smart City series products and solutions participated in the on-site exhibition. 

At the forum, Shunzhou's intelligent products include smart light poles, street light controllers, well cover tilt sensors, and edge computing gateways. 

As a important carrier of smart city management, the wisdom light pole has been widely concerned. Shunzhou Intelligent is based on its own advantages, combined with wireless Internet of Things and sensor equipment integration, the light pole is equipped with camera, high-definition display, weather sensor, WiFi base station, street light controller, charging pile and other equipment, can achieve WiFi coverage, environmental monitoring, security Various functions such as monitoring, street light remote control, and new energy vehicle charging.


The picture shows Mr. Chen Jianjiang, General Manager of Shunzhou Intelligent, introducing the functions and applications of the smart light pole to customers. 

The street light controller based on Zigbee/NB-IoT/LoRa's multiple wireless IoT technologies is also one of the core products of the Shunzhou smart smart city product line. Depending on the wireless coverage of the project site, customers can have multiple wireless control options. In addition, Shunzhou intelligent third-generation street light controller realizes local intelligent control through illuminance sensor, timing strategy, latitude and longitude strategy.


At present, around the application of smart city scenes, Shunzhou intelligently launched peripheral extension products such as intelligent smoke, intelligent geomagnetism, intelligent manhole tilt sensor and smart trash can, which expanded the system of intelligent fire protection, smart parking, smart manhole cover and smart trash can management. Program. 

As a professional solution provider in the smart city field, Shunzhou Intelligent will continue to broaden the application of smart city scenarios based on existing products and application solutions, and help the smart city construction to develop faster.

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