How can smart bus stations help the construction of urban smart transportation systems?

Industry News2019.03.29

I. Current status and needs of bus station operation 

Traditional bus stops usually have only a simple rain shelter and a bus stop with a bus route. There is basically no other function except for a simple route. With the rapid construction of domestic smart cities, the bus station as an infrastructure for public transportation needs to be upgraded intelligently to share and carry more smart city management functions. Therefore, the intelligent transformation of bus stations is in great demand. 

Considering that the smart bus station will play an important role in the smart city Internet of Things in the future, Shunzhou Intelligent proposes the overall solution of the intelligent bus station Internet of Things. 

Second, the wisdom bus station IoT program introduction 

Shunzhou intelligent wisdom bus station Internet of Things solution based on ZigBee/NB-IoT technology, integrated camera, audio broadcasting, one-button call, WiFi base station, mobile phone charging interface, environmental monitoring sensor, bus terminal and bus station main shelter The digital display, the light controller and other components and equipment equipped with smart trash can realize the overall control of the smart bus station. 

Third, the intelligent bus station Internet of Things system function 

1. Person flow, traffic flow monitoring, road condition monitoring 

Through the camera equipped with the intelligent bus station, the recording, analysis and management of various situations such as pedestrian flow, traffic flow and road conditions around the bus stop are realized; 

2. Bus vehicle monitoring, bus arrival location, arrival time image, digital display 

Through the information of the bus stop and the station pole, you can clearly understand the bus arrival location and arrival time; 

3. Intelligent control of bus station lighting 

Through the light controller device equipped with the booth, the local strategy and online platform commands are controlled, and the switch light action is executed according to the actual situation of the site, which not only saves energy, but also ensures that when the rain is dark or the fog is severe, the surrounding area is illuminated. Roads, effective relief of traffic difficulties 

4, WiFi coverage around the bus station 

Through the WiFi base station module configured by the bus station, the WiFi radiates around the bus station, and when passengers wait for the car, they can watch videos and play games through WiFi to improve the passenger waiting experience; 

5, the phone is free to charge, go out and the phone is out of power, no need to worry 

Through the mobile phone charging module, passengers who have no power in the mobile phone can quickly charge at the booth, which is convenient and practical; 

6, a key call for help, humanized design 

Through a one-button call for help, when a person has an emergency, the emergency signal can be quickly sent out; 

7. Environmental monitoring around the bus station 

Through the weather sensors carried on the bus station, the weather environment of the bus station accessories can be monitored in real time, and the collected environmental data is uploaded; 

8. Display information display and digital display of meteorological environment 

Through the display, passengers will be presented with relevant information and digital weather information.

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