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According to the data related to fire protection, 94% of the fires occurred in small places, shanty towns, urban-rural areas and other areas where fire prevention and control measures were lacking. The hardest hit areas in these fires often lack effective fire warning facilities and means, and the people are not informed of the conditions for evacuation of people and property and fire fighting. The NB-IoT intelligent independent smoke alarm system came into being, in order to solve this fire warning problem. 

Shunzhou intelligent independent intelligent smoke detector with narrow-band Internet of Things NB-IoT communication module, with its own battery, using narrow-band IoT energy-saving features, the battery can be used for 3-6 years under normal circumstances, to solve the electricity, wiring Puzzle. The application of the device makes full use of the four characteristics of high-capacity, high-coverage (penetration) capability, low power consumption and low cost of the narrow-band Internet of Things, and is expected to solve the "blind zone" of the original fire-fighting supervision such as "small-scale". 

At the same time, 24 hours of continuous monitoring and control of the situation, in the event of fire, the smoke detector will alarm, and trigger the peripheral alarm. And immediately upload the location of the smoke to the management platform. In addition, the smart city smoke sensing system will inform the owners, property management personnel, community leaders and fire stations through the TTS voice call for the first time, fully mobilize the masses of the grassroots community, reduce the frequency of police out, and quickly form the fire prevention and control of technical defense + civil air defense. Together, the fire is controlled in the bud. 

Advantages of Shunzhou intelligent and intelligent city smoke system: 

1. Adopt NB-IoT technology, network deployment saves the original intermediate link, directly jumps online, reduces the intermediate link of possible failure;  
2. Installation and deployment cost is greatly reduced, 1 minute Solve the installation and network debugging;  
3, multi-dimensional and multi-role timely notification, through the Internet of Things can be connected with the fire platform, can also inform the owners of the family, the property company, easy to find in time;  
4, easy to collect big data, take effective measures. 

For the construction of smart cities, the Internet of Things is an indispensable key link, especially according to the characteristics of urban fire safety management. Fire-fighting equipment is not used normally and requires 100% reliability. The original way of relying on wired serial smoke is that small places mostly do not have network conditions, but the way of series connection is likely to cause a little failure, and a string of smoke cannot be alarmed. Therefore, the emergence of the Internet of Things provides an effective means for urban fire protection, and will certainly become an important means of urban fire management. In this sense, urban fire protection without the Internet of Things is unimaginable. Embrace the Internet of Things and escort life and property.

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