SZ10-KRQT-S1A gas sensor

Description:SZ10-KRQT-S1A Wireless Combustible Gas Detector ("NB-IoT Combustible Gas") is a self-developed NB-IoT wireless indoor combustible gas detector for detecting flammable gas leakage and preventing gas leakage. harm. When the detector detects that there is

First, the product overview 

SZ10-KRQT-S1A wireless flammable gas detector (referred to as "NB-IoT combustible gas") is a self-developed NB-IoT wireless indoor combustible gas detector for detecting flammable gas leakage and preventing damage caused by gas leakage. When the detector detects that there is a flammable gas leak and reaches the alarm concentration set by the detector, the red LED of the detector flashes and an alarm sounds. At the same time, the alarm signal of the detector is reported to the far wireless via the wireless base using the NB-IoT network. Monitor the platform so that monitoring personnel can handle it in time. 

Second, product features

● Low cost: NB-IoT mode, using carrier network, no need to set up base stations, reducing system cost;  
● Easy to install: long-distance wireless communication, simple wall mounting, simple and convenient, greatly reducing construction time;  
● Easy maintenance: intelligent Operation and maintenance, real-time monitoring of equipment operating status, timely detection of faults;  
● Safety: can detect natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas;  
● Convenience: Users can monitor fires through APP at anytime and anywhere. 

Third, technical specifications 

Working voltage AC220V  
rated power ≤ 3W  
warm-up time about 180S  
detection gas methane (CH4)  
alarm concentration 6% LEL  
error ± 3% LEL  
alarm indication red LED flashing, voice prompt  
fault indication yellow LED flashing, voice prompt  
alarm sound pressure ≥ 70dB ( 1 meter)  
Alarm mode sound and light alarm  
communication mode NB-IoT  
working temperature -10 °C ~ +55 °C (indoor use)  
storage temperature -20 °C ~ +60 °C  
ambient humidity maximum 95% RH (no condensation phenomenon )  
installation wall, plug  
dimensions L89.5 × W89.5 × H59mm (GB, including plugs)  
working atmospheric 800HPa ~ 1100HPa  

Fourth, the application range 

● Schools, hospitals, and commercial districts;  
 as an integral part of intelligent buildings and parks, provide supporting products and services for engineering units or fire-fighting enterprises;;  
● houses, clubs, hotels, restaurants;  
 as security items for smart homes, consumers or Owners can purchase and install them themselves for the mass market;  
● Nursing homes, welfare institutions, museums;  
 as a smart fire protection system, providing one-stop solutions for buildings that are difficult to rebuild. 

Five, installation instructions


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