SZ10-DC-S1A geomagnetic car detector

Description:Wireless Geomagnetic Car Inspection is a new type of sensor developed by Shunzhou Intelligent to meet the needs of the domestic market. It is an important part of the intelligent transportation system. Compared with the pure geomagnetic position sensor on

First, the product introduction  

1, product function  

vehicle detection rate: greater than 99%, including horizontal parking space, vertical parking space, diagonal parking spaces and other comprehensive detection rate  
installation: buried  
calibration function: automatic calibration  
status monitoring: current status, remaining power, 

Other parameters such as network signal conditions and fault anomalies  :   
1) It can maintain the operational stability of detection accuracy in various environments, and has good resistance to magnetic field interference and dissimilation, including alternating magnetic fields such as subway stations, high-voltage lines, substations, and commercial centers. Interference, constant magnetic field interference, sudden temperature difference, magnetic field drift and other interference;   
2) The device can buffer the time and status data of multiple parking space status changes. When the network signal is not good, the cache information can be sent when the communication is restored. Ensure the operational stability of the business platform. 

2, product characteristics  

Communication mode: NB-IoT\LoRa  
working frequency band: 900M/850M, 470M  
power supply: battery-powered  
detector product life: more than 5 years  
protection level: IP68  
working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +75 ° C  
load weight: Buried compression 10 tons of  

other parameters:   
1) diameter 80 * height 95mm, height less than 60mm asphalt layer thickness, construction does not need to penetrate the waterproof layer, greatly saving construction costs and time;  
2) equipment with inner casing design, in the replacement of batteries It is very convenient to repair equipment and replace equipment. It is not necessary to repeatedly punch holes. Unscrew the screws to remove the equipment. 

Second, the installation requirements  

sensor requires the vehicle parking position must be directly above the sensor installation position, as shown below (green dot is the sensor installation location): 

Third, the main functions  

1) Road side presence detection, detection of roadside parking space occupancy, with the administrator to carry out vehicle parking guidance and billing   
2) large-scale network monitoring, to achieve large-scale sensor networking to adapt to the city Management of level parking spaces   
3) Traffic guidance, interface with LED LCD screen for parking vehicle guidance   
4) Parking management, realize parking space parking management, and organic cooperation with roadside parking    

4. Operation mode  

adopts Shunzhou geomagnetic sensor detection The principle of detecting motor vehicles. In the absence of a motor vehicle, the Earth's magnetic field is relatively stable. When the motor vehicle passes, it will cause changes in the Earth's magnetic field. Wireless magnetic vehicle detectors detect motor vehicles by analyzing changes in the Earth's magnetic field. The wireless magnetic sensor detector is embedded in the surface and is powered by the built-in battery. The vehicle information (presence, flow, speed, length, occupancy, etc.) detected by the detector is sent wirelessly to the roadside. The signal receiver transmits the vehicle information to the application system or the like by the signal receiver.


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