SZ10-GW-LoRa Base station

Radio frequency:470M~480MHZFrequency band Transmit power:25-27dBm Description:SZ10-GW series LoRa manager is a component of the professional lighting control system built by Shunzhou Intelligent. It is an important part of the lighting control system. Its core chip adopts the self-developed LoRaWAN wireless communication module, wi

1.1 Basic information  
Product model: SZ10-GW-LoRa  
Power supply: 12V 2A  
Power consumption: ≤20W  
1.2 Product features  
1) Mainly composed of structural parts (antenna, housing), PCB main board, RF circuit. 
2) Recommended power adapter parameters: 12 V 2A. 
3) Supporting accessories:  
 Power adapter: HX08-1202(2000)  
MCRFM (433MHz\475MHz\485MHz\495MHz\868MHz\915MHz)  
LoRa omnidirectional antenna (433MHz\480MHz\495MHz\868MHz\915MHz)  
PFM (V2 .0\V3.0)  
GPS and GPS omnidirectional antenna  
 Built-in 3/4G router and LTE antenna  
4) RF parameters: Depends on MCRFM  
5) Deployment type: indoor/outdoor general, industrial grade  
1.3 This product is combined Shunzhou SZ10 series LoRa controller and supporting software use


Second, the equipment parameters:

2.1 Specifications:

Working frequency470-480MHZ
Maximum transmit power25-27dBm
Receiving characteristicsPER = 10%, CR = 4/6, CRC ON, Preamble Length = 12, Packet Length = 10 
Receiving sensitivitySF10-136dBmFlatness <0.5dB
Receiving current12mA
Operating temperature-20 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Working humidity5%-95%
Body size160mm*110mm*76mm
LoRa antenna (480MHz)385mm × 20mm
LoRa antenna (868MHz)300mm×20mm
GPS antenna185mm×20mm

2.2 Product appearance


Third, the general characteristics: 

3.1 Wireless parameters  
Radio frequency: 470M~480MHZ frequency band;  
Transmitting power: 26dBm;  
a single LoRa gateway can simultaneously monitor up to 8 channels, collect any terminal data packets conforming to LoRaWAN protocol, and upload to the server through 3/4G or Ethernet. At the same time, it can receive and process the instructions issued by the server, and then send the data packets or perform other actions according to the requirements of the server. 

3.2 Environmental conditions  
Relative humidity: 5 to 95%, no condensation (at 40 ° C);  
Altitude: 0 to 3000 meters;  
Environment: no frequency interference, no significant shaking, vibration and impact; 

Fourth, mechanical structure requirements 

Due to the actual installation and the choice of accessories, there is no uniform size.

4.1 Installation Method  
This product is used as the gateway of the LoRaWAN system and can be deployed directly in the area or in the base station. 

4.2 SZ10-GW-LoRa equipment is not suitable for installation environment  
environment impact on equipment communication  
1. When there is too much obstruction between LoRa gateway and LoRa street light controller, or when the obstruction is made of metal, communication signal will be attenuated and affected. Communication distance. 
2. When the ambient temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius or above 70 degrees Celsius, the equipment will be faulty when it is struck by lightning. 


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